VocTech Seed 2021 Guidelines

Application process & deadlines

VocTech Seed 2021 call will open for applications 21 January to 11th February 2021.

Ufi uses an online application process.  Once you have registered on the Ufi website and created an account, you can log-in, access the application form, save your draft, and return to it at any time while the funding round is open.

There is information and guidance on our website.  Please look at our funding strategy Learning Without Walls 2020 and our Delivery Plan, the specific criteria for the funding round and our detailed FAQs to understand what we are looking for and to guide your application.

You can attend a virtual workshop to hear more and ask any questions you might have. The virtual workshops also offer the opportunity for networking and small group discussions about your ideas with members of the Ufi team and other applicants.

Sign up for a virtual workshop here.

You can also email us with general questions about the fund at info@ufi.co.uk. Please note that we cannot discuss your specific project in detail during a workshop, in the online workshop chat, or by email.

Two stage process

Ufi has a two-stage online application process. Access to Stage 2 is by invitation only, following success at Stage 1.  Evaluation at each stage is undertaken by an expert panel, selected to represent the experience and expertise relevant to the fund. Final funding decisions are made by the Ufi Board of Trustees.  This year we expect to offer funding for 12 – 15 VocTech Seed projects.

Stage 1 requires you to complete an online application form which outlines the problem in vocational learning your idea aims to address, the intended audience / market and potential for scale. You will also need to tell us about your organisation and the funding requested. Applications are assessed on how well the project fits with Ufi’s overall mission and the specific objectives of the funding call.

Stage 2 requires you to provide more detailed information about how you intend to deliver your project. You will be invited to respond to some feedback questions from your Stage 1 application so that we can find out more about your idea. You will also need provide a technical description of your idea and additional information in the form of a project plan and budget.

How to apply

Applications are made online via the MyUfi portal.

To keep informed about other grant funding rounds, please sign up for our newsletter.

Read the criteria carefully before you apply.

Read the criteria

Find out about other Ufi funding opportunities

Ufi Ventures Investment Fund

Attend A Pre-Funding Workshop

VocTech Seed Online Workshops


The deadline for submission of Stage 1 applications is 17:00 on 11 February 2021.

We do not accept late applications. If you experience technical problems while completing or submitting your application, you must tell us as soon as possible via info@ufi.co.uk.

Feedback from Stage 1 will be shared on 3 March 2021.

Successful applicants will be invited to proceed to Stage 2.

The deadline for submission of Stage 2 applications is 17:00
on 18 March 2021.

Board of Trustees will reach final decisions on funding the by the end of April 2021.


If you are successful

If you are successful you will be allocated a Project Account Manager to work with you to complete due diligence and contracting.

All projects will need to agree to the Ufi Standard Terms and Conditions of Grant.
Your Project Account Manager will work with you to create a Project Plan which sets out how the project will be delivered and the milestones which need to be achieved for funding to be drawn down.

Each project is unique and we will work with you to agree what is best and most reasonable for your project.

It is for you to determine how your project is best delivered and to work with your Project Account Manager to agree a monitoring plan. The funding milestones will be set as part of this process.

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