About the VocTech Seed Grant Fund

What is the purpose of VocTech Seed grant funding?

VocTech Seed is our test bed where the first spark of an idea can be scoped and tested in the supportive environment that Ufi funding provides.

We encourage ideas which have the potential to transform how vocational learning happens, rooted in a real-world understanding of the problems, issues and opportunities in the vocational sector. Projects will need to show us how the idea is novel – show us that you understand the market you are looking at and why this is better than anything that has been thought of before.

We can support ideas for new tech, new markets, new communities of learners and we’re happy to welcome new project teams. The emphasis here is on the ‘new’. VocTech Seed has been designed to support innovation and we are ok with risk. This is about sharing that risk in order to encourage the development of creative new digital vocational learning tools, enabling organisations to test new ideas and work out the next steps necessary to plan a route to market and long-term success.

Funding is to support for the development of early-stage ideas, small scale testing, proof of concept work and the development of strategies to scale once Ufi funding has ended.

How much funding is available?

Grants of between £15,000 to £50,000 are available for projects of between three and 12 months duration.

The funding offered for any individual project depends on the problem being addressed, and the nature and scale of the proposed solution. Each is considered on its merits and the costs assessed against the proposed work plan and timetable.

What will VocTech Seed fund?

The design, development and early stage testing of novel approaches to digital vocational learning; helping to take those ideas through basic prototyping to the next stage of 'seeding the market' by delivering a first proof of concept prototype and planning a route to market. This could include:

  • Design, development and prototyping
  • Refining learning design
  • Small scale testing with users
  • Planning a route to market & strategies for scaling
  • Project Management
  • Evidencing impact & what works

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