Ufi supports awarding body, WAMITAB, to launch interactive learning games

Training in the waste industry is critical to ensure the safety of workers operating in high-risk environments. In partnership with Academii and supported by Ufi VocTech Trust, WAMITAB have developed two waste site safety games designed to overcome key learning barriers in the resource and waste management sector.

The games, launched on World Day for Safety & Health at Work, aim to create a more immersive learning environment which will enable employers to deliver targeted training messages quickly to large numbers of operational employees in a fun, engaging and accessible way.

As well as providing valuable opportunities to improve learning outcomes and speed up the time to competence, this gamified approach also creates a new avenue to improved health and safety by engaging learners working in high-risk environments and encouraging them to put safety first.

WAMITAB Game 1.jpg

Interactive learning games for resource and waste operatives

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