Cities Of Learning

RSA & DigitalMe

Access to opportunities is not evenly shared across the population, and our ability to engage in vocational learning is often related to prior experiences in school. Those least advantaged are least likely to benefit from important opportunities to build social, cultural and knowledge capital, as well as social and peer networks.

Cities of Learning creates new pathways into learning and employment by connecting formal, informal, and in-work learning opportunities that exist across cities via a system of digital open badges.

The project will develop a place-based model for vocational learning and skill development by creating large-scale, collaborative partnerships with employers, learning providers, city leaders, and commissioners of learning and work provision. This will be done initially in two pilot cities, Brighton and Plymouth. Ufi funding will be used to develop and roll out a scalable digital platform and open digital badges as a mechanism to connect individuals to local learning and work opportunities and narrow skills gaps.

By connecting locally-generated, locally-relevant learning opportunities more clearly to local work opportunities, the project aims to encourage those furthest from the learning and labour market to come back into learning.