Manjinder Sangha

Project Account Manager
Manjinder Sangha

Manjinder is one of our Project Account Managers, currently Cohort Manager for VocTech Seed and Partnerships. Manjinder led on our Covid response work: VocTech Now and on our "How To" webinars.

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Happy accidents have led me to Ufi. My passion for designing, making and problem solving stemmed early on in my school career which led me down a path of Product Design. I fell into teaching accidently, only to discover innovation within learning and education was just as exciting as product design itself. Applying design thinking skills in education and teaching Design and Technology for over 15 years opened up so many doors from designing educational materials for the James Dyson Foundation and presenting research internationally around teaching and learning to winning awards and becoming a nationwide consultant at the same time as sitting on a Senior Leadership team for academy with Technology status. I always particularly enjoyed working on a variety of different transformation programmes across school.

As well as working within education in the past few years I have been the founder and CEO of a technology start-up raising six figure investment and developing a platform and app that transforms the way assessment in practical subjects is recorded and assessed.

I have always been passionate about fairness and opportunities for all in education as well as an advocate for innovation in the education sector and continue to actively promote skills/attributes for work and life. The desire to make change continues to drive my work at Ufi.