Stephen Hinde

Community Manager
Stephen Hinde

Stephen joined the Ufi team in July 2018 as Community Manager and looks after the website content, newsletters, and social media presence of Ufi VocTech Trust.

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Before joining the Ufi team I was working in marketing for a retail leisure company and managing over 100 social media profiles for 52 venues – majority of the time it was quantity over quality.

Shifting from looking after so many accounts to just a few at Ufi sounds like a rapid drop in pace, but it’s quite the opposite. Since I joined the team we’ve rebranded, launched Ufi Ventures, and reached the 200 Ufi-supported organisations milestone. The organisations who have received support from Ufi are showcasing real-life and positive impact of using tech to improve skills for work - so there’s a lot to talk about!

While working for the VocTech Trust I’ve developed further marketing skills and now look after the web content and community newsletters.

One of my favourite elements of my job is storyboarding, directing, and producing short case study videos with organisations who have received support from Ufi – you can see those on Ufi’s YouTube Channel.

I went to University, lasted about a year and realised it wasn’t for me, which is why I am totally onboard with what Ufi’s work highlights - there are many other routes to gaining skills for work and that ‘traditional’ education is not always the answer.

One experience I had of workplace learning was an occasion when a training officer sat me down in front of a computer, opened up a programme, made me watch a few videos, and then tick some boxes – I didn’t even have to do any thinking because the training officer was telling me which options to select as he ‘had about 12 more people to train before the end of his shift’. Ufi’s work is at the other end of this experience and beyond.

Early on in my career, when I was working in the holiday parks industry, my workplace training consisted of learning to eat fire, juggle knives, and walk on broken glass!