Mahreen Ferdous

Project and Partnership Manager
Mahreen Ferdous

Mahreen joined Ufi in 2018 and manages two VocTech Impact cohorts. Beyond projects, she's currently implementing Ufi's evaluation framework into our work flow. Mahreen also acts as a bridge between Ufi grants and Ufi Ventures.

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Prior to Ufi I had more than 8 years' experience of client and account management across finance, recruitment and digital marketing. One of the roles involved selling e-learning to marketing agencies and corporates which gave me a view of the realities of workplace learning.

Since joining Ufi it has been quite an adventure. First, supporting new innovative ideas to early proof-of-concept with a number of VocTech Seed projects. Then, running two VocTech Impact funding calls which scale-up innovation to a large number of learners. It's been exciting to get involved in cutting-edge innovation in real life settings, that help people to gain skills for work and improve their lives.

More recently, I've been working on Ufi's Evaluation Framework, which will allow us to capture the impact of our grant funding. We have been implementing the framework in a sensible way into our workflow. Like all good things that come with patience, I can't wait for the results in the next five year strategy review.

While studying for my undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, I worked in all sorts of jobs from nursery schools and call centres to pubs, Royal Ascot and the Ashes! Who knew that even this would be relevant to my role at Ufi due to the actual lived experience. When finishing my degree in Economics from Cambridge University and having started my career in consultancy and financial research, I fully expected to continue down that path. Yet, there was a sense of the disconnect between my education, work and positive social impact. For me, Ufi has brought all these elements together in a beautiful way.