VocTech Challenge programmes

Tackling specific challenges facing adult learners in the UK

Ufi champions the power of technology to improve skills for work. We believe we have a particular role in supporting sectors, locations, skills levels and individuals that have not been well served by traditional or mainstream provision.

Our VocTech Challenge programmes give us the scope and flexibility to focus on some of the biggest challenges in adult vocational education. The approach starts with a careful exploration of the issue or opportunity with stakeholders; and the outcome of this process informs how we bring together the full range of tools in Ufi’s strategy (funding, partnerships and advocacy) to tackle the challenge.

We approach our challenge programmes with an open mind and a keen focus on identifying how Ufi can most effectively use its resources to make long-lasting change.

Every VocTech Challenge shapes our activity for years to come.

You can explore our VocTech Challenges below.

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