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  • Policy and Public Affairs

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    Setting out our understanding of the UK skills crisis and demonstrating how technology is an essential part of improving skills, productivity and levelling up.

  • Numeracy and literacy: the vocational challenge

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    Ufi's Patrick Dunn discusses the current challenges around numeracy and literary skills in the UK.

  • Developing and delivering vocational technology

    Developing and delivering vocational technology

    Insights from more than 100 Ufi grant-funded projects.

  • Reflections on Ufi’s grant funding strategy

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    Exploring feedback from our grant recipients from 2015 - 2019.

  • Week of VocTech

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    Our annual programme events exploring the role of digital technology in vocational training and celebrating its impact on learners, employers, training providers and society as a whole.

  • Criminal Justice


    The use of technology for learning and skills development in prisons and secure settings.

  • The VocTech Podcast


    Ufi's podcast series exploring vocational and adult education, corporate training and the future of work.

  • 'How To' webinars


    Our webinar series supporting trainers and teachers to negotiate the world of online delivery.

  • Ufi's COVID-19 response

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    VocTech Now – Ufi’s response to challenges being faced due to the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Ufi Videos

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    Meet our projects and ventures, and watch curated playlists of VocTech video content.