Ufi Grant Funding for Vocational Technology

Our funds

Each year we look to our strategy, the climate we are operating in and the priority challenges and decide which funding calls are most likely to have the biggest impact in the year ahead.

Funding types

We operate either single grant funding calls for a specific type of project or 'Challenge' calls where we may combine our funding types to test out different approaches.

In addition to our grant funding we also invest in VocTech through Ufi Ventures.

  • VocTech Activate

    Waste management site worker learning on a tablet computer.

    Our test bed where the first spark of an idea can be scoped and tested in the supportive environment that Ufi funding provides. Grants of £30,000 to £60,000.

  • VocTech Challenge Grant Fund

    People using VR headsets.

    Our grant call for projects that address the VocTech Challenge. Grants of between £200k and £250k. Applications close 8 July 2024.

  • VocTech Impact

    Forklift truck driver receiving on the job training.

    VocTech Impact is our fund for larger, longer projects which provide large scale demonstration of what can be achieved with vocational technology.

  • VocTech Ignite

    A worker in a factory examining a red light.

    VocTech Ignite helps projects whose ideas have real potential to create a difference, but are not yet ready for full funding. Support is provided via individual expert mentoring. By invitation only.

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How is Ufi funding different?

We will use our funding over the next five years to support innovators in this fast-moving world – showcasing how learning really impacts the workplace and demonstrating how scale can be achieved to involve many new learners.

We aim to develop a spectrum of projects, both early stage and near market, that showcase the best of digital vocational technology and have the potential for significant impact on the scale of people accessing vocational skills.

Our focus is on the 'unloved', those professions, communities, industries and skill levels that are undervalued or under supported - where we believe we can have most significant impact.

We aim to create a community of developers and learning providers that are working at the cutting edge of learning technologies to ensure that vocational learning becomes an attractive market for future investment.

Our funding is patient and supportive – we are with you on your journey, whatever the twists and turns, to offer support from our community and make sure our funding creates a real difference.

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  • VocTech Directory

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