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Complaint Policy

Ufi VocTech Trust is committed to the highest levels of transparency and we strive to ensure that our work and the funding we award through grant and direct investment gives a positive an experience to all our stakeholders, at all times.

However, we understand that on occasion you may wish to raise a complaint with us and we are committed to dealing with any issues in line with our core values of openness, trust and learning. We endeavour to deal with any complaint in a timely manner.

We will not accept any threatening or abusive language and behaviour. We reserve the right to either suspend or cancel our engagement in a complaints process in such circumstances.

Please note that this complaints policy does not apply to complaints in relation to decisions made about grant applications. We make decisions on applications we receive based on the information supplied to us through the grant application process, matching this to any set criteria and supported by independent expert review. Consequently, our decision to award, or not, is our decision alone and not subject to complaint by any stakeholder.

Ufi VocTech Trust will not consider complaints regarding the specifics of the Trust’s policies and eligibility criteria, which are the proper responsibility of the Trustees.

Ufi VocTech Trust will not consider complaints regarding the activities of grant holders or portfolio ventures, which are properly the responsibility of grant holders and portfolio ventures.

If you wish to submit a complaint please contact us via email.

If you are an organisation which has applied to or has been supported by a programme funded by Ufi VocTech Trust then you should contact the relevant staff member in the Ufi team who will try to put things right. If you are not satisfied with this response then you may contact the Chief Executive of Ufi VocTech Trust in writing. If you are still not satisfied then the complaint can be referred to the Chair of Ufi VocTech Trust.

The Ufi VocTech Trust Board of Trustees are made aware of any complaint made and advised of the action taken. Where the complaint concerns the Ufi Board of Trustees and/or the CEO of the Trust, the complaint must be to the Ufi VocTech Trust Company Secretary.