About Ufi Ventures

Ufi Ventures is the investment arm of Ufi.

At a time when new technology is driving significant change in the way we work and the skills needed, we see a great opportunity to catalyse investment in the technologies that will support a more skilled and productive workforce.

Utilising Ufi’s depth of experience in the development of technology to build adult's skills for work, we support our growing portfolio through access to our wide expert pool and network. Our sector expertise give us a unique perspective on how to scale innovations in the space, and we open up our comprehensive network of educators, developers, designers, employers, investors and policy makers to support our investees with strategic growth.

Unlike most funding partners, at Ufi Ventures we invest our own capital. This allows us to focus everything we do on social impact.

We have Ufi's money in the bank, but it's the advice that has been super helpful. Ufi Ventures are really helping with the challenges that we face.

Christophe Mallet, Co-founder, Bodyswaps

What type of companies do we invest in?

Ufi Ventures is an impact-focused investor, investing in companies with the potential to transform learning for work in the UK. We invest in companies which are changing the vocational technology landscape in three ways:

  • Helping adults in the UK to access and progress in work through improved skills
  • Helping employers in the UK to improve their performance through improving the skills of their workforce
  • Demonstrating attractive financial returns for their shareholders by scaling VocTech solutions

Every company in our ventures portfolio benefits from Ufi’s unrivalled experience in supporting the development of digital technologies to help adults get the skills they need for work, as well as access to our wide network of vocational technology experts.

What type of investment do we offer?

Pre-seed investment

We back businesses at the earliest stages of development, with streamlined investments of £75k. We're looking for businesses with:

  • A great management team in place driven by social impact
  • A minimum viable version of product or early revenue
  • A clear understanding of the problem you are solving

Seed investment

We also invest in seed stage ventures up to £150k.
At this stage we’re looking for:

  • A committed and ambitious management team
  • Early revenue
  • A clear understanding of the problem you are solving and competition
  • A vision of how to achieve impact and scale