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The primary objective of improving learning opportunities in prisons is to equip prisoners with the skills they need to make better lives for themselves on release and to reduce re-offending.

Across a wide range of diverse projects and initiatives, modern learning technologies are showing that they can help to achieve this aim by:

  • Reducing the time and resources required to understand learner needs
  • Providing broader access to training and learning through a variety of devices and methods, including in cells
  • Improving the targeting of specific learning solutions to meet individual needs
  • Increasing the quality of engagement and of enjoyment of learning
  • Improving the quality of assessment of learning

The following resources feature a variety of projects Ufi has been involved with; providing support through grant funding and bringing organisations together to share knowledge.

How technology is transforming training and education in prisons and across the secure sector

Chaired by Patrick Dunn this session highlights the benefits and impact of modern learning technologies in developing skills across prisons and the secure sector. Our panellists include:

- Dan Brown, Founder and CEO, Meganexus
- James Levy, Business Development Director, Socrates Software
- Barbara McDonough, Consultant, Inside Connections Support CIC
- Ruth Walker, Business Development Manager, NIACRO
- Ronnie Wilson MBE, Chief Executive, First Step Trust

The session also provides insights as to where and how such technologies are continuing to evolve and provide new approaches and solutions to the many challenges that arise in the sector.

Recorded as part of Public Sector Insight Week 2022.


Ufi-supported projects working in prisons and the secure sector.

You can explore additional projects in our VocTech Directory.

  • Fluence

    Fluence logo

    AI assisted decision-making for educators


    NIACRO Building Site Health and Safety Training in VR

    VR learning for prisoners on Health & Safety in construction

  • Way To Work


    Socrates Software is working with probationers to tackle unemployment and help reduce reoffending rates.

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