'How To' webinars

Covid-19 forced millions of people across the UK to rapidly transform the way they work and learn.

As part of our response to COVID-19, Ufi VocTech Trust produced a series of expert webinars to help trainers and teachers negotiate the world of online delivery.

Missed the live webinars? Catch up below.

How to move training online - a trainer's quick start guide

A highly practical look at what you can do to get started with online training as quickly as possible.

With Mark Berthelemy.

How to design learning for online delivery

Learning online presents different challenges from learning in the classroom.

In this webinar we give a beginners’ guide to the basics of how to design for virtual learners.

With Dan Whiston.

How to choose the right tools for online delivery

There is a wide range of tools available to teach remote learners – and they’re all competing for your attention. Which ones are right for you? Where do you start and what questions do you need to ask?

In this webinar we cover the basics of how to make this decision and where to go to find out more.

With Patrick Dunn.

How to build your business via social media & monetise your services

Using social media looks easy but how best to use it to build a business?

With Covid-19 impacting all learning businesses, this webinar aims to provide a beginners' guide to the basics of reaching, building and maintaining your audience.

We also explain the options for monetising online delivery.

With Garry James & Kev Jones

How to use visuals in your online learning

Ever wanted to improve how your online learning looks? Make better use of visuals to get your meaning across?

Many trainers are masters of words, know their subject back to front yet falter when it comes to using visuals. 

In this webinar, we’ll look at some simple lo-fi techniques for improving visuals that make the most of common hardware and software.

With Bryan Mathers

How to use design thinking to improve the appeal of your learning product

An introduction to design thinking and why it matters, plus how to develop and test with personas.

With Kriss Baird

How to create accessible digital learning

Digital learning resources and activities are highly flexible, widening learning to large numbers of people.

But how do you ensure your learning is as accessible as it can be?

How do you ensure your technology isn’t excluding certain groups?

In this webinar we give a beginners’ guide to accessibility in digital learning.

With Lisa Featherstone

How to use games & gamification in digital learning

In this webinar, we cover how ‘gaming’ approaches can be used in digital vocational learning.

We distinguish between ‘games’ and ‘gamification’ (not the same thing!)

With Dan Whiston

How to use infographics, animations & comics in digital learning

There’s a lot more to visual media than video!

Using infographics, animations and comics in digital learning helps you engage with learners and communicate content in a rich, nuanced and powerful way.

But it’s important to take control of the process, and use it for the right kinds of assets.

With Dan Whiston

How to move to mobile

In the fourth quarter of 2019, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 52.6 percent of global website traffic.

Unless you are certain your learners will be using large screen devices then you must ensure you meet the needs of mobile users.

This means thinking about things like usability on small screens, bandwidth requirements, and how learners will access your content.

With Mark Berthelemy

How to keep learners engaged & progressing in a mixed delivery model

Blended learning is becoming the 'new normal' in the FE Sector, but how do you best design learning to maximise the use of both digital interactions and face to face time?

Can you deliver both at the same time?

In this webinar we will look at the possibilities for a 'mixed model' of learning delivery.

With Ian Grayling

How to give your project the best chance of (commercial) success

Why do some learning projects catch the imagination, meet all their goals and are enthusiastically embraced by learners? It’s not luck – it’s down to good preparation and activities which set your project up with the best chance for successful deployment. 

In this webinar we look at some key principles from successful vocational learning projects which have contributed to their success.  

With Mark Berthelemy