Delivering VocTech in Remote Settings

Monday 2nd November 2:00pm

In these pre-recorded videos you can see Ambios Ltd take learning content from a twelve-week residential course and transform it into remote learning while still maintaining the practical elements that onsite learners receive.

Solutions 42 also show us their Spotless training platform which teaches care home workers how to deal with emergency situations so that they are as prepared as possible if (touch wood) these events happen in real life.

What did both of these projects find most important when creating remote learning?

Ambios Ltd

Effective Camera Trapping

The important element of the weekly contact is that it's live

Simon Roper, Ambios Ltd

Solutions 42


I didn't want to make something that was boring

Becky Hill, Founder, Solutions 42

A Learner's Story

Earlier in the year, one of the participants of the Effective Camera Trapping course shared her experience with us.

Read about Ana's journey on the course, why she chose to take part, and how beneficial it was to fit the learning around a busy lifestyle.

VocTech Seed 2021

The two projects that featured in this session were both awarded funding during the VocTech Seed 2019 grant call.

VocTech Seed 2021 will be open for applications from 21st January to 11th February 2021.

Explore the criteria and how to apply on our VocTech Seed 2021 funding page.