Delivering VocTech at Scale

Monday 4th November 2:30pm

Paper isn't a representation of someone's in-the-field knowledge

Andrew Rourke, eCom Scotland

During this pre-recorded video you can hear from The Open University, National Youth Agency, and eCom Scotland about how they're using VocTech to Deliver at Scale.

The Open University
have experience in delivering learning at scale, but what have they learned and what should you consider when delivering learning to a lot of people?

National Youth Agency
are experienced in delivering learning face-to-face to 10,000 Youth Workers but how did they use technology to shift as quickly as possible to fully online learning when they had no choice - and how did this impact the one million young people those Youth Workers serve?

eCom Scotland
are innovators in using virtual reality for training and assessment. With already proven benefits of using VocTech in this way, what are they now doing to widen access to virtual reality training & assessment so that's it isn't restricted to wealthy organisations and only to people with coding skills?