How can we design assessment to work better for learners?

Join us to explore assessment as we prepare for the panel discussion at the Ufi VocTech Showcase 2021. See below for session details or visit the event page.

For too long, the “tail has wagged the dog” in assessment, prioritising assessment process, systems and timetables, rather than the specific needs of learners or employees.

Apprentices have been particularly hard hit in times when “in-person’ assessment has not been possible, delaying qualifications and job prospects. And for employers, the onboarding of qualified new talent has been frustrated. At the same time, big-name employers are side-stepping traditional degree qualifications, instead setting up their own training pathways or prioritising portfolio experience over 1st, 2nd's and 2:2’s.

This is not to say that summative assessment has ‘had its day”, nor that experiments in algorithmic grading have been without controversy, but is it time to use digital and continuous assessment methods in a more sophisticated manner? Which countries, companies and colleges are doing this well? How can simulated “in-person’ assessment expedite qualifications, and what can fast-track training of in-demand skilled personal show us about what is possible?

What are the biggest problems with Assessment? What are the solutions?

In advance of the panel discussion, Anthony Bravo, Principle of Basingstoke College of Technology and Trustee of Ufi VocTech Trust, shares his thoughts on the current challenges and solutions for assessment.

Join the discussion on Wednesday 17th November

As part of the Ufi VocTech Showcase we'll be delving into the world of innovation in assessment and exploring how the tipping point for new ways of assessing talent may finally be here.

Panellists for the discussion include:

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