Mum Starts Training For Dream Job Thanks To Ufi's Funding

Using time in lockdown to secure required qualifications

Guest News by PHX Training

A mum from Cumbria has been accepted to university to pursue her dream career, following support from PHX Training who were recently awarded funding to shift their training provisions more online during Ufi Trust's VocTech Now funding call.

Katie Denning, from Hawcoat in Barrow, will start her adult nursing degree with the University of Cumbria in September, after PHX Training helped her secure the qualifications needed to be accepted.

Katie worked in the retail and leisure sectors before the coronavirus lockdown but then used the spare time and inspiration from her son Elijah, to retrain and pass her Level 2 maths qualifications needed so that she could study to become a nurse.

Katie said:

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve been able to work remotely from home, and more recently attend the centre to practice for my exams. I have had telephone support and feedback on my progress, which has helped me develop and gain confidence in this subject.

I had worked in retail and leisure prior to the lockdown, but the last few months have given me an opportunity to focus on a career that I really want. Being a mum has given me the drive to complete my maths and I have been accepted onto a university course to achieve my chosen career path to become a nurse that is beneficial to me and my little boy.

Not only have the people at PHX in Barrow helped me to achieve this but they’ve been very accommodating and made studying achievable and enjoyable as a mum.

Dawn Bolam, business manager at PHX Training, added:

Lots of people used the coronavirus lockdown to reassess what they wanted to do with their lives, and put in the work to learn a new skill or study for a new qualification.

As we offer a mixture of both online and face-to-face learning, it means people like Katie can study around their family or work life, making learning easier than ever.

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