SonicJobs close £4m Series A investment round

Ufi Ventures portfolio company SonicJobs have secured a £4m Series A round to help accelerate efforts to modernise the process of applying for jobs online.

Joining Ufi Ventures in this round of investment were Triple Point, TMT Investments and several prominent investors.

With an estimated 250,000 job applications each month - equivalent to one every ten seconds - the SonicJobs platform is helping to revolutionise how people search for and apply for jobs.

This latest investment will help to expand their reach and impact in the UK and to launch in the US.

SonicJobs are now developing approaches to provide value beyond the application process: helping people identify career pathways and providing guidance for candidates to build the best careers and lives for themselves and their families.

Mikhil Raja, SonicJobs CEO said:

"Applying for a job is a long and lonely process. For the first time in history, candidates have a seamless, universal, and private way of applying for any job online. We’ve also built a community in the app for our candidates to get career advice and tips on how to find the right job. We are creating the first career network for candidates to share knowledge, upgrade their skills and get career coaching throughout their life.”

Commenting on the investment, Shantanu Bhagwat, Ufi Ventures Partner said:

"Ufi's investment in SonicJobs is an excellent example of our commitment to support ventures that are pioneering innovations in hiring and recruitment. SonicJobs uses cutting-edge technology to help people recognise the skills they have, improve their employability and help them access a wider, higher-quality pool of jobs.

Its platform makes searching and applying for jobs a simple, streamlined and intuitive experience eliminating redirects, missing entries and error pages.

Ufi is excited by SonicJobs' potential to be a true 'deep' job platform going beyond merely connecting candidates with employers, offering access to community support and professional development resources as well as other services down the line".

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