Ufi Appoints New Chair of the Board of Trustees

We’re pleased to announce that our Board of Trustees has had a new Chair appointed.

Dominic Gill, co-founder and Managing Director of digital training provider Intequal, succeeds Tom Wilson, who stepped down from his role as Chair after completing four years of service. Tom will be staying involved as an advocate and champion of Ufi’s work.

During his time as a Ufi Trustee, Dominic has long supported our grant funding activity, which has awarded over £20m to more than 200 organisations to use digital technology to the benefit of millions of learners.

He has played an integral role in the development of Ufi Ventures, which seeks to maximise the impact of Ufi by investing in companies developing digital technologies to give people and businesses the skills needed for work, now and in the future.

Dominic Gill, incoming Chair, said:

I’m tremendously excited and proud to be appointed Chair. Tom has shown great leadership through his tenure as Chair, and I am grateful for the support he has given me as I take on this new role

Ufi’s mission, to champion the development of digital technologies that help us all obtain the skills we need to get more out of our working lives, has arguably never been more important. It is vital that people who have been most impacted by the pandemic are enabled to get the skills they need for work.

I passionately believe that technology can play an important role in opening up access to learning for the benefit of all and that Ufi has a vital role to play in supporting innovation and showcasing how the very best in vocational technology can do this.

Tom Wilson, outgoing Chair and one of our founding Trustees said:

I joined a very different Ufi nine years ago and I am so proud of how far we have come establishing Ufi as a completely independent, standalone brand-new charity.

Ufi’s work to promote and champion the value of online learning and vocational technology is so important as we emerge from lockdown to ensure that all the learning that has arisen from this difficult and challenging time is not lost.

I believe that Ufi’s work to ensure that learners who are not well served by mainstream provision benefit from vocational education will have a significant impact for personal, business and societal growth, and I look forward to seeing how the charity continues to go from strength to strength in years to come.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Chief Executive Officer of Ufi VocTech Trust said:

We’re thrilled that Dominic is taking over as Chair, while Tom remains a strong advocate and ally of Ufi. Dominic’s extensive understanding of Ufi and knowledge of the vocational education sector will be invaluable as we move forward.

All of us at Ufi are tremendously grateful to Tom for his service as Chair and as a Trustee and for his commitment to making the charity the best it could possibly be.

I look forward to working with Dominic, along with the rest of the Board, to make sure that our work has the biggest possible impact in supporting the vocational education community, now and in the future.

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson, former Chair

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