Ufi at the Skills & Employability Summit

Join us in London on 22 March 2023

Louise Rowland, Deputy CEO at Ufi VocTech Trust, will be speaking at the Skills & Employability Summit on Wednesday 22nd March 2023 in London.

With the tagline “Tackling the Skills gap to build a fairer UK” the Summit provides a platform for training providers, higher education institutions, schools, employers, local and central government to establish key partnerships and discuss innovative ways to close the skills gap, enhance employability opportunities and drive workplace upskilling.

The Summit will be chaired by Becci Newton, Director of Public Policy Research at the Institute for Employment Studies.

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Louise will be a guest speaker for the afternoon session 14:30 – 15:10:

The League of Nations – A UNITED Kingdom Approach for Skills and Employability

  • Why we must view workforce issues on a multi-country scale.
  • How does the UK’s combined skills offering compare to other groups such as the European Union
  • Sharing of best practices across the Home Nations for building a strong workforce and encouraging lifelong learning.
  • Building a strong and collaborative network between our education, employers and government.
  • How can digital upskilling be brought to remote and reluctant areas?

Louise will be joined by Global Lead for skills systems at British Council Chris Cooper, Wales Director at CBI Ian Price, and Executive Director at William J Clinton Leadership Institute Laith Dajani.

You can find the full agenda at www.skillsandemployability.co.uk or register for your place to attend.

Skills & Employability Summit audience

Look out for

Andrea Cullen, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK, is the guest speaker at the Networking and Drinks Reception 16:25 – 17:25.

CAPSLOCK, part of the Ufi Ventures portfolio, provide award-winning cyber-security bootcamps, removing barriers to reskilling and enabling those looking to retrain to access quality work, without having to pay a penny until they’ve landed a high-paying job.

We’re looking forward to an entertaining and informative event.

Re-thinking the UK skills system

The Summit is well timed as it coincides with the discovery phase of our current VocTech Challenge: Skills for an economy in transition.

Delivered in partnership with Learning and Work Institute, our VocTech Challenge is exploring the question:

"How can VocTech (learning technology, digital tools and pedagogies) help narrow inequalities and ensure every adult can participate in learning throughout their working lives so that the UK has the skills it needs for an economy in transition?"

As an economy we are taking big steps forward into a sustainable, digital future where skills are key to unlocking UK productivity and competitiveness. At Ufi we want those opportunities to be for everyone, whatever their starting point in their journey into learning and work. Where people aren’t just playing catch-up but have the chance to thrive in new industries and sectors.

Together with Learning and Work Institute our VocTech Challenge will delve deeper into what has already been ‘learnt’ and seek new insights into how we can create a UK skills system, underpinned by tech, that helps to narrow inequalities and ensure every adult can participate in learning throughout their working lives so that as our economy continues to evolve and transition, no one is left behind .

You can find out more about our thinking in the first of our Discovery Phase blogs: Change is the new normal, how can we deliver a skills system for an economy in transition?

VocTech Challenge: Skills for an economy in transition

Explore the VocTech Challenge.