Ufi awards £750,000 to innovators in vocational education

Ufi today announces over £750,000 of grant funding awards for innovators in vocational education.

Ufi VocTech Trust announced new funding awards as part of VocTech Seed, a fund focussed on supporting the development and deployment of new digital solutions focussed on supporting vocational skills.

As part of our wider aim to improve the skills of the UK workforce, Ufi has offered over £750,000 in funding for projects which use digital technology to change how vocational learning is developed and delivered; and to ‘scale up’ this impact.

The innovative projects, which include app-based training, Artificial Intelligence (AI) approaches and VR training simulations, will help widen access to vocational learning and the skills needed for work.

Ufi’s VocTech Seed Fund supports the development and testing of relatively early stage ideas for new digital tools and delivery models that have the potential to transform how vocational learning happens by helping to prototype ideas and work out the next steps necessary for success.

Rebecca Garrod-Waters, Ufi CEO, commented:

I am really pleased we are able to offer this funding to organisations focussed on the UK adult vocational sector – this is a critical time for UK skills and it is vital that we develop the right approach to digital tech. At Ufi VocTech Trust we champion the power of technology to improve skills for work and deliver better outcomes for all. VocTech Seed is our innovation fund, where we support organisations who looking at the best ways to support learners and get better outcomes for all.

I am delighted that we’ve made offers to 15 organisations with ambitious ideas using digital to transform vocational learning who will now be able to develop these ideas in the supportive funding environment that Ufi provides.

VocTech Seed Funding press release

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