Ufi Ventures: Broadening our investment impact

At Ufi Ventures we’ve seen an extremely active market in 2021, with the pace of capital being deployed showing no sign of letting up. Indeed, round sizes and valuations are at record highs within the EdTech/HRTech market in Europe.

So this is an exciting time, as we begin 2022, to announce that we are broadening our investment strategy, supporting companies with investment at an earlier stage than ever before.

Ufi Ventures now operate across both the pre-seed and seed markets offering streamlined investments of £75k for companies that are raising pre-seed funding.

We hope that by widening our investment net we can support even more companies to drive forward innovation in adult vocational skills.

For companies looking for seed investment Ufi Ventures will continue to make initial investments of around £150k, capped at £1m overall across multiple rounds. We have previously co-invested alongside Beringea, Frontline Ventures, Triple Point, TMT Investments, and others.

Find out what we are looking for at each stage of investment [About Ufi Ventures].

Helen Gironi, the new Director of Ufi Ventures said:

"Our recent decision to make pre-seed investments significantly strengthens our position to support a broad range of companies; making learning for work more effective and accessible and delivering better opportunities and outcomes for individuals, employers and the UK as a whole".

About Ufi Ventures

Ufi Ventures is an impact-focused investor, investing in companies with the potential to transform learning for work in the UK. We invest in companies which are changing the vocational technology landscape in three ways:

  • Helping adults in the UK to access and progress in work through improved skills
  • Helping employers in the UK to improve their performance through improving the skills of their workforce
  • Demonstrating attractive financial returns for their shareholders by scaling VocTech solutions

Every company in our ventures portfolio benefits from Ufi’s unrivalled experience in supporting the development of digital technologies to help adults get the skills they need for work, as well as access to our wide network of vocational technology experts.

You don’t need a warm intro to start building a funding relationship with Ufi Ventures - simply complete our contact form and send us your pitch deck. We discuss proposals on a weekly basis so you’ll receive a response within five working days.

Alternatively, if you have any questions for the team feel free to book a session in our Open Office Hours using the button at the bottom right of your screen.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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