VocTech Podcast: What is skill and how should we measure it?

We need a profoundly human experience. The measurement game is a game we are going to lose whichever way we play it, so I’d prefer if we just give up that game altogether

Sharath Jeeven, OBE, Intrinsic Labs

In this episode of The VocTech Podcast, we look at assessment and skills and think about what is skill and how should we measure it?

Sophie Bailey presents and is joined by:


Topics covered include; what we don’t want from assessment any more and the more nefarious applications of assessment in the workplace; how we can think more broadly about skills and motivation; what new approaches are out there and how new innovation is being funded and supported.

This episode is part of The VocTech Podcast series . For full details on our speakers, visit the episode page here.


A good question to ask is…Is the preparation that you do for an assessment going to help you more generally?

Dr. Amelia Peterson, LIS: The London Interdisciplinary School

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