Transforming skills for work: funding and support from Ufi

Monday 24 January 2022. 12:00 - 12:45

Virtual event

Join Ufi and stakeholders from across Northern Ireland for a lunchtime discussion exploring how Ufi funding and support can help you catalyse learning for work

To build a stronger, more prosperous and resilient economy it is essential that people are able to gain the skills they need for work. Indeed, harnessing talent and developing skills is integral to every aspect of the vision for a 10x economy. But how can technology be best used to catalyse skills for work and what support is available to drive its development?

Ufi believe passionately in the power of digital technology to help people develop and maintain the relevance of their skills for work. We call these technologies VocTech, and we support their development through grant funding, venture investment and advocacy.

This informal session on Monday 24 January 2022, from 12:00 until 12:45 will introduce what we do, the funding we provide and showcase how the support and expertise from Ufi has helped organisations deliver on their objectives to improve skills for work.

To date Ufi have supported 200+ projects and awarded over £20m in grant funding.

We hope it will be a valuable opportunity to make connections with a broad range of local stakeholders and to discuss how Ufi can best support the continued adoption and deployment of VocTech in Northern Ireland.

Tom Kenyon of The RSA will also be joining us to share information around Belfast becoming part of their Cities of Learning initiative; an ambitious programme for cities and regions to design and deliver inclusive lifelong learning which is tailored to the needs of local people and economies.

If you are involved in improving skills for work - whether in a community, local government, business or educational setting - we hope you will join us and find out about the role digital technologies can play, and the funding and expertise Ufi can provide, to support learners across Northern Ireland.

How we work

Ufi provide support to organisations in two ways; through grant funding and venture investment. You can find out more on the links below.

  • Grant Funding

    Man using smartphone to learn about a piece of equipment.

    Grant funding for vocational technology from £30k to £150k. Help your ideas thrive with funding and expert support from Ufi.

  • Ufi Ventures

    Female engineer working on laptop.

    The UK’s specialist investor in EdTech to support adult skills and learning for work. Providing £75k to £1m in early-stage investment.

VocTech in Northern Ireland

Ufi have supported a number of projects across Northern Ireland, each using digital technologies to help people get the skills for work. You can explore a selection of the projects below, or view all of the organisations we have supported in our VocTech Directory.


    NIACRO Building Site Health and Safety Training in VR

    VR learning for prisoners on Health & Safety in construction

  • Autoskills VR

    Detailed VR Garage

    A VR game to train people how to conduct motor vehicle maintenance procedures.

  • From Online to Frontline: COVID-19 Health and Social Care Toolkit

    South West College logo

    An online toolkit to provide students with critical resources for infection prevention and control, and end of life care.

  • Augmented Healthcare Tools

    Screenshot from Augmented Healthcare Tools video

    A prototype app offers healthcare students a new style of learning, with the flexibility to learn ‘on the go’.