Common questions and answers about Ufi Ventures

We've pulled together answers to some of the common questions around Ufi Ventures. If you have a question that isn't answered below, please contact us.

Ufi Ventures

Ufi Ventures are the investment arm of the Ufi VocTech Trust.

At a time when new technology is driving significant change in the way we work and the skills needed, we see a great opportunity to catalyse investment in the technologies that will support a more skilled and productive workforce.

Our vision is to create a world where vocational skills are celebrated and valued by all as the engine upon which the UK economy is built and where development of those skills is made possible by the best technology solutions, providing easier access, greater opportunity and better outcomes for all.

Unlike most funding partners, at Ufi Ventures we invest our own capital. This allows us to focus everything we do on social impact.

By leveraging our depth of experience in the development of technology to build adult's skills for work, we support our growing portfolio through access to our wide expert pool and network.

Our sector expertise give us a unique perspective on how to scale innovations in the space, and we open up our comprehensive network of educators, developers, designers, employers, investors and policy makers to support our investees with strategic growth.

Ufi Ventures provide seed stage investments.

Our initial ticket size is up to £150k.

We reserve funds to follow-on into subsequent funding rounds.

We invest in seed stage ventures. We're looking for:

- A committed and ambitious management team driven by social impact
- Early revenue
- Clear understanding of the problem you are solving and competition
- Vision of how to achieve impact and scale

Our investment process is designed to be as open and time efficient as possible. We understand that this journey is a two-way process of learning about each other.

After reviewing your proposal, if there is a clear alignment with our sector focus, one of our investment team will arrange an introductory call. If both parties are happy to move forward, we will then invite you to meet the rest of the investment team ahead of a decision to take an opportunity to our investment committee.

Our investment committee comprises of a selection of our Board of Trustees.

We aim to move as fast as founders require us to and will always keep teams up to date throughout the process.

We lead investment rounds and also invest along-side other funds and angels.

Our co-investors include Beringea, Frontline VenturesTriple Point, TMT Investments and others.

Yes, but there needs to be a clear plan to drive social impact in the UK.

Mission & Responsible Business Clause – we ask for an objects clause to be placed in the company articles to include a statement of mission, to ensure alignment with our impact mission.

Right to transfer shares for nominal value – due to our status as a registered charity, this provides us with the right to transfer shares to the company for nil consideration if the company is no longer aligned with our charitable purposes.

Board appointments and information rights – given our sector focus, we typically ask for a board observer seat to ensure we’re adding as much value as we can.

We’ve made it simple to contact the team at Ufi Ventures.

To apply for funding please send us your details and pitchdeck using our contact form.

Every proposal is reviewed by our investment team and we will respond within five days of submission with proposed next steps.

Alternatively, please reach out to one of our team via LinkedIn.