What they do:

Bodyswaps is developing a Virtual Reality (VR) learning platform and content library to provide soft skills training similar in performance to expert coaching and role-playing.

How they make impact:

With companies increasingly dependent on employees’ soft skills to add operational value, the bodyswaps platform empowers learners to safely practice their skills and measure their progress through a library of VR role-play simulations.


Ufi invested in Bodyswaps in September 2020 alongside Haatch Ventures and a group of private investors.

Learn more about Bodyswaps

In the video below you can listen to Christophe Mallet, co-founder of Bodyswaps in conversation with Alex Bishop from Ufi Ventures.

The video provides an introduction to Bodyswaps (, including insights into their latest developments using VR to support learners in developing soft skills and preparing for job interviews.

Christophe also shares his experiences of receiving investment from Ufi Ventures, the UK’s specialist investor in Vocational Technology ventures.


00:00 - Introductions
00:45 - Bodyswaps: the journey so far
03:06 - What are the key problems and issues learners are facing in developing soft skills?
04:23 - What are the key benefits and outcomes for learners from your latest product development?
05:54 - How has it been working with Ufi Ventures over the last 12 months?

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