Audactive (previously Cognify)

Pembrokeshire College

The use of voice-controlled devices continues to increase at a rapid rate and voice will overtake typing as the main search input method by 2022.

Pembrokeshire College has developed the Cognify app that enables learners and teachers to listen to a document, dictate comments and notes and answer questions by utilising text to voice and vice versa within the same document. There are other text/voice solutions on the market, but the ability of the app to work both ways over a range of content is one of its most engaging and innovative features. The app supports multiple content types within a single document including formatted text, figures and videos. Teachers can use it for worksheets and learners can use it for dictating notes into their course materials.

Cognify is already a working app but requires further development of an authoring and sharing platform, an integrated e-commerce engine and integration with recognised tools such as Moodle, MS OneDrive, Google Drive and Blackboard.

The project will be developed at Pembrokeshire College, where there is access to over 3000 work-based learners, and then a wider roll-out to the 126-member colleges of the Blended Learning Consortium. The focus on longer term sustainability is built into the project development and potential future partners have already been identified.