Audactive (previously Cognify)

Pembrokeshire College

The use of voice-controlled devices continues to increase at a rapid rate and voice will overtake typing as the main search input method by the end of the decade.

Pembrokeshire College has developed the Audactive app (previously Cognify) and the associated authoring and sharing platform.

Audactive is a voice-assisted app that integrates voice-to-text and text-to-voice interactions (i.e. two-way voice interactions). A learner can listen to a document being read out and then at any point, pause to insert their own dictated notes. Audactive also enables teachers to add question prompts so when they are reached, Audactive reads the question then waits for the learner to dictate his or her answer before moving on. Audactive also supports multiple choice questions by reading the question, then the answer options before waiting for the learner to state which option they think is correct. Multiple choice questions (MCQ) can be designed to provide feedback on a learner’s answer, informing them whether they are correct. Audactive supports multiple languages, so a learner can listen in one language and respond in another.

The app supports multiple content types within a single document including formatted text, figures and videos. Teachers can use it for worksheets and learners can use it for dictating notes into their course materials. Audactive files are created on the authoring and sharing platform

Audactive integrates with all standard VLEs via SCORM and LTI, including Moodle, MS OneDrive, Google Drive and Blackboard. Audactive has been used by thousands of vocational learners across the UK and is currently freely available to FE Colleges.