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Badge Nation

Vocational learners often struggle to communicate the value of their training to potential employers. Digital badges help overcome this challenge by providing verifiable, shareable evidence of achievements beyond formal qualifications. However, less than 1% of teachers and trainers issue their learners with digital badges because traditional approaches to badge writing are cumbersome, time consuming and slow. VET professionals find it harder than expected to write good badges and explain their value to students, and they don’t have time to do it well.

This project will create a fully automated badge writing tool, helping VET professionals write high quality badges easily and efficiently. The tool will quality assure badges that can then be published on any digital badge platform, reducing the time to create them by 90%. By combining technology and innovation, if successful, this project will solve a core problem at the heart of developing quality badges.

The tool will utilise database technology, grammar check software and existing expert system software to provide a smart, pre-populated, customisable template bank for badges and communication materials to use with learners. It will support users to write badges aligned to specific standards, provide quality assurance against standards, and allow badges to be published to a badge issuing platform of their choice. The tool will have an auto prompt feature which will ‘learn’ how to provide suggested additions to badges and provide faster, easier to implement feedback to users writing to specific quality standards.