Coreliu app

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Coreliu is an audio-visual app which enables people to learn without having to read.

Apps are generated in the Coreliu authoring tool, available at no/little cost to vocational educators, who can generate quick-fire, game-based apps, quickly and easily, without technical expertise. The completed apps run on Android phones, to teach, reinforce and test learning. The learning design focuses on drill and practice, driven by an algorithm that improves learner retention. The focus is on teaching facts and processes, building cognitive capability and helping learners shift learning from short- to long-term memory. The visual interface benefits anyone who struggles with conventional teaching and learning material, including people who lack basic skills or are not native English speakers. The primary aim of the project is to bring interactive and immersive app creation within reach of all vocational educators; with the secondary aim of creating a free app bank, offering access to knowledge and skills for people who are preparing to become job-ready.