Data Literacy Academy

What they do:

Businesses spend hundreds of billions of pounds each year on data headcount, infrastructure, and technology but executives, managers and business users fail to exploit the value, due to poor data literacy. Accenture found that although 75% of the global workforce have access to data analytics software only 21% of employees are confident with their data literacy skills. As workers are increasingly interacting with data as part of their role, the need for a more holistic approach to data literacy is becoming essential.

Data Literacy Academy is a learning platform providing clients and their employees with access to live and on-demand data literacy training. It breaks down the traditional barriers to understanding analysis, reporting and data-driven decision-making.

How they make impact:

The Data Literacy Academy platform uses live and on-demand classes and courses to teach employees at all levels how to engage with and benefit from the data their organisation holds, ultimately bridging the gap between data experts and business teams.

Classes are taught live by leading members of the data community, including data leaders from organisations including Gymshark, Huel, and Sky.

Upskilling and empowering employees to be more data literate has a multitude of benefits, including improved decision making, more innovation and productivity, and better employee and customer experience.

Data Literacy Academy aims to help 10,000 businesses and their employees achieve data literacy by 2030.


Ufi Ventures invested in Data Literacy Academy in December 2022 alongside Haatch Ventures and other private EdTech investors.

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