Demonstrating the commercial business value of capability building

UXC Ltd (trading as Daedal)

There is currently no clear way to prove the value of training on a company’s bottom line. The outcomes of learning are often not linked to the business’s commercial performance in a tangible way which can lead to training becoming a ‘box ticking exercise’ for compliance or a reluctance to invest in employee development. A digital innovation that addresses this gap in confidence will bring real value to the Learning and Development industry.

Daedal will attempt to solve the challenge of demonstrating the value of learning by tying productivity improvements to a learning solution directly, using AI to generate quantifiable data. It will build a functional MVP web application for access by employers and learners, developing baseline productivity measures linked to organisational KPIs against which learning solutions can be assessed, and creating a means of demonstrating that learning solutions can tangibly improve businesses' commercial performance over time.

The initial target users are those employees who work in the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry where there are c.400,000 potential UK users employed. Many UK CPG firms are currently interested in improving their employees’ capabilities in eCommerce as more and more people are shopping online as a result of the pandemic, accelerating a longer-term shift in shopping behaviour. Demonstrating in this context how learning provision can actually improve business value will strengthen the business case for investing in training, ultimately enabling more learners to benefit from it.