Digging into the past with VR

eCom Scotland

eCom Scotland have successfully developed a simple, easy to use VR (Virtual Reality) prototype for use at canal college®, where students learn practical and traditional heritage skills outdoors on Scotland’s canals.

The prototype contains assessments that enable the user to demonstrate their knowledge of performing an archaeological dig. This prototype is being used by students of canal college® to fill gaps in their learning and to replicate the programme’s vocational assessments. The prototype, along with VR devices, has been distributed among Scottish Waterways Trust’s locations. Initially designed to bridge the knowledge gap for students who miss key days of this cultural heritage programme, eCom Scotland aim to scale the solution by making it suitable for any organisation to use. This will be done by creating a SaaS (Software as a Service) product with a scenario builder included, enabling VR experiences to be constructed on the web, directly by the user.