Digital Aspire

Digital Unite

People with Learning Disabilities who can work but are unemployed and would like to find new roles in the 21st Century workplace are the target learners for this project. Digital Unite are building on their specialist online learning platform and successful ‘Digital Champions’ model to support learners to develop their digital skills and confidence.

Most workplaces now require a level of digital literacy, if only for completing administrative processes, and many are asking for wider IT skills. Those with learning difficulties face multiple challenges in being able to upskill to prosper in the new digital world. As well as providing routes into employment, the project is creating a ‘champions’ training model’ to empower people with learning difficulties to develop their soft skills and other specialist employment-led skills.

The Ufi funding for Digital Aspire will help to create a stepping stone into work by equipping users with confidence and skills, opening opportunities for a more independent life. The Discovery Phase underlined the challenges for this group of learners and built some exciting new partnerships that will help Digital Unite to create lasting change in the digital confidence of their learners.