Digital Change Makers

MyBE Awards

MYBE Awards is a niche organisation creating and delivering specialised awards for people who are hard to help or engage for a variety of reasons or who need or want to improve their lifestyles.

They focus on providing opportunities for people who have missed out on traditional education to progress and achieve their goals within their capabilities. The Digital Change Makers project is a unique online learning platform, developed from non-traditional learner perspectives, for criminal justice affected learners under-represented in higher aspirational learning and careers.

This phase of development will enable the online platform to provide learning services more effectively and on learner’s terms, providing strong role modelling in an engaging, peer supported way. The project will use a personalised avatar to help engage learners with their programme content and measure progress. Scenario-based content, to make it more relatable, will be supported by motivation and self-assessment tools to give learners a greater sense of control.

The digital platform will work on all types of devices and will offer clear pathways from a level 2 qualification, a level 3 qualification, an apprenticeship pathway with relevance to multiple employment sectors and a completely new Access to HE Diploma qualification aimed at widening participation of disadvantaged learners in Higher Education.