Digital Retail Futures


The retailTRUST’s vision is of a retail sector that is future proofed, with a highly skilled and adaptive workforce, economically sustainable and primed for growth. By offering insights into ‘a day in the life of’ different jobs in the industry, learners can see what other roles entail and what skills they need to acquire.

The UK retail sector is undergoing structural change which impacts on its skills needs. This project will create, test and evaluate a digital learning platform to deliver vocational training to address skills gaps identified by retail employers.

It will target employees at risk of redundancy from traditional retail sector jobs and support them to up/re-skill, with an initial focus on the top three skills gaps: digital marketing, digital customer service and warehouse operations.

The project’s long term plan is to provide those at risk of redundancy with access to a comprehensive, flexible, accessible online vocational learning platform. By incorporating a range of providers, courses, modules and qualifications, tailored to meet learner’s individual development needs, the project has the potential to both fill employers’ skills gaps and avoid the risk of workers becoming redundant.