Employability Skills Development

Groop Ltd

Wouldn’t it be great if all the skills that we learned ‘off the job’ through volunteering and community projects could be captured and added to your CV?

Groop has developed a prototype online accreditation tool working with a group of young people who have advised on UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface). They were also involved in co-producing an Employability Skills Award that can be gained through volunteering and social action activities. The prototype accreditation tool is being developed in partnership with Ingeus, with young people being able to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

In this project, the tool will undergo full market testing, and a second version that captures skills and competences from Work Experience Placements will be added to the platform.

Both awards will be made available to young people, young adults and other groups, such as work returners who need to develop confidence and update their technology skills. The toolkit will also be made available to other customers who will be able to customise the system to upload their own awards into the toolkit.