Flow Logistics Online

Skills For Logistics

The logistics industry is a fast growing sector which has had particular challenges during 2020. It has historically had very low uptake of the apprenticeship levy since, once training for compliance has been delivered, there is limited time and budget to be spent on training for additional but non-essential skills.

Workers can enter the industry with low basic skills and opportunities for progression tend to be limited, creating a vicious circle of low career prospects and staff turnover. The Discovery phase enabled Skills for Logistics to identify in more detail issues around the quality and accessibility of learning, which they had anticipated at the start of the work. In addition, their research uncovered opportunities for greater workforce planning and CPD across the industry.

Their chosen solution, Flow, is an online ‘talent growth platform’ that is working to enable the transport and logistics sector to provide engaging micro qualifications and learning tools for employees to increase overall levels of learning. It also encourages a collaborative way of working amongst the different stakeholders and employers to upskill the sector as a whole.