Future Fundraisers

The Integrate Agency CIC

There is a shortage of charity fundraisers both in terms of numbers and diversity. The sector is struggling to find fundraisers to support their organisations' income generation in a challenging labour market. Research shows there is a significant need to diversify the fundraising workforce so that fundraisers are more reflective of the community and the organisations and beneficiaries they serve, and to provide an easy entry point for young people to join the sector.

This project will develop a grant writing training platform to provide flexible entry points and easy access for learners entering or progressing in grant writing careers. It will offer a supportive peer community to build learners’ confidence and networks for success. The platform will address key needs and pain points that have been evidenced through research. The platform will have modular learning and upskilling tools to create grant writing resources for the sector.

Training in the UK is generally one-off, expensive, and inflexible. This proposed approach provides flexible entry, community and peer-to-peer support, mentoring, and accreditation through a badge to enable learner focused career development. The Integrate Agency CIC has a well-established relationship with south London’s charity sector and is well placed to deliver their project to learners in this sector.