Game of Zones

Royal British Legion Institute (RBLI)

RBLI provides support for those who have served in the armed forces, especially those with injury or disabilities, with a focus on employment and skills. RBLI uses its experience and expertise far beyond the military community to deliver backto-work programmes, and Access to Work across the UK to help disabled people into work, and stay in work. As part of this employability support RBLI developed a prototype web app called Game of Zones which helps people undertake a vocational assessment in just four minutes.

The product is aimed at those with low confidence and low motivation and has now been tested with 1,000 users. It has also been independently evaluated by the Psychology Team at the University of Kent and shown to give reliable recommendations of career zones. There is huge potential in this product to direct people towards positive and sustainable vocational choices. Game of Zones has the potential to drive thousands of unemployed people towards fulfilling vocational development.