Global Maritime Portal

Seabot Maritime Limited

The emergence of Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) in the Maritime industry will be a paradigm shift for the workforce and requires a commensurate increase in levels of technical knowledge required for newly emerging roles. Currently, mariners do not have ready access to systems that are able to keep them advised of changes to operating practices and there is no international training standard covering this technology to provide mariners with a recognised means of continuing their vocational training.

The Global Maritime Portal (GMP) is part of an initiative to help transform the UK maritime workforce and encourage human-technology partnership, not competition. Seabot will develop a multi-platform solution comprising a software toolkit that will underpin maritime industry talent and business asset management and a competency management system fortifying the workforce in a safety critical industry. GMP will provide a portal to new knowledge and new skills not seen in the industry before, helping businesses to meet the challenge of keeping pace with the fast-moving digital age. The GMP will host a new and highly technical certified training scheme, crucially linked to digitised records of vocational experience, personalised training record books, technical guidance, competency management and performance assessment. The GMP will also provide access to a range of tools that allow regulators, individuals and companies alike, to manage training delivery, record operational experience, and ensure skills match the requirements of new technology as it is introduced.