Guided Coding Journey

Code Your Future

The demand for coding skills across the economy is growing. Jobs in coding are generally well paid and learning to code is relatively easy - making coding an ideal pathway for those who have been unable to acquire the skills needed to find meaningful work in the UK job market.

CodeYourFuture (CYF) is a voluntary initiative which teaches refugees and locally born disadvantaged people to code for free, supports their soft skills development and then helps them to get jobs in the tech sector.

This project will develop a proof-of-concept learning platform designed to extend and sustain the CYF operation as it grows from London into other cities and regions.

To apply for a CYF 8-month course, an applicant needs to complete a series of tasks and tutorials. This process is currently managed back and forth via email. This project with Ufi will automate that process through an online platform.

Learners see a personalised dashboard where they receive instructions, submit work and get feedback and encouragement from the wider community.

Users can find additional support for complex problems through a linked chat system and via workshops hosted by volunteers and the wider community.