Improving apprentice outcomes

Association of Apprentices (AoA)

With c.800,000 apprentices in the UK, apprenticeships are a cornerstone of vocational learning. However, many apprentices do not complete their programmes; in England, almost half of apprentices leave early. One of the challenges for apprentices is lack of support. Providing apprentices with more time for training, study, and access to support networks could significantly enhance programme retention rates. Statistics show that completers are more likely to achieve positive outcomes with their employers, such as a promotion and better pay. However, even when apprentices complete, the benefits they experience can vary. Younger apprentices, those with a disability or health condition, and those in more deprived areas secure less favourable outcomes, further highlighting the need for support during the apprenticeship. To ensure apprenticeships remain a robust and viable pathway, on-programme support needs focus and investment.

AoA’s vision is to ensure every apprentice has access to the necessary support for a successful apprenticeship journey, ultimately leading to the best possible outcome. To meet this ambition, they need innovative technology to efficiently reach more apprentices, more quickly and deliver value.

This project will develop an application programming interface that allows training providers and apprenticeship platform providers to seamlessly integrate AoA’s products into their offer thereby reaching more apprentices. It will also build on AoA’s technology to incorporate the new Post Apprenticeship Recognition Scheme (PARS), which will see completed apprentices recognised for the skills they have gained during their programme, and in partnership with the Chartered Institution for Further Education, be awarded post-nominals. This project will enhance the societal and industrial prestige of apprenticeships and vocational pathways, raising parity of esteem with other educational routes.