Into Games CIC

A ‘game jam’ gives a live brief to a team of participants who then collaboratively build a game in a short timeframe. They are effective ways of creating ‘micro-studio’ environments that can replicate many aspects of the workplace and provide a way for individuals to develop essential skills rarely taught in traditional games-related courses. These skills include communication, remote team working, self-analysis and conflict resolution. The creative nature of a game jam also makes for an engaging learning experience that is practical and easy to evaluate.

Users will complete at least one game jam lasting between 1-2 weeks. Learning design will look at what will the learner needs before, during and after the game jam, making clear it at what points support and feedback need to be offered. 20+ industry mentors will be providing remote online support to the groups via a range of 3rd party collaborative tools. The project will create guidance outlines and content for these mentors as part of the programme outcomes.

The programme is supported by a project partners from Abertay University, Access Creative College group and UK games studios Sumo Digital and Creative Assembly to develop a clear understanding of the efficacy of the remote ‘game jam’ learning experience and have a plan for commercialisation.