KITA: An integrated classroom for teaching coding and digital skills

BlueShift Education

Coding is one of the fastest-growing employment sectors in the UK. The OECD have stated that much of the training required to meet demand will need to happen online, and new solutions are needed to achieve this.

Current approaches involve working with numerous platforms and generic tools that are not fit for purpose and are failing current educators and learners. A new generation of digital tools for teaching coding that integrate content, scheduling and assessment are required.

This project will build on the prototype KITA platform, a single, responsive interface combining workspace, live video teaching, content and communication tools with one-click access from any browser. KITA captures data around learner participation and engagement, providing teachers with a dashboard of real-time engagement analytics together with objective AI/ML-generated behavioural monitoring.

Working with post-16 vocational learners the project aims to better understand pain points around assessment, certification, student rewards and feedback, to inform further development of the platform.