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Public transport is relied on by many, including some of the most vulnerable members of society. As frontline staff, effective communication is key, not only for the efficient operation of the bus/coach network but also the health and safety of all onboard. With an estimated 114,000 bus and coach drivers operating in the UK, providing vital services across the country, finding new ways to offer effective training solutions is important to redress the balance in this commonly undervalued sector.

Limbic is an interactive soft-skills training application that can be delivered in classrooms and at home, using both traditional technology and immersive methods of delivery (VR). The project will use the latest graphics and motion capture technology, developed for use in computer games and film to digitally re-create realistic, emotive, and believable digital humans which are then used to form engaging and easily repeatable real-life scenarios.

Through Limbic’s engaging approach, drivers will learn to recognise emotional states and the signs of common mental health issues. It will allow them to predict behaviours and empathise, while further learning material will provide strategies and techniques for mitigating or resolving problems.