LoGo – Learning On The Go (now Cognify)

Pembrokeshire College

Cognify has the potential to transform the way educators and learners interact with course materials through voice and sound.

The idea behind the Cognify app is to allow learners and teachers to listen to a document (text-to-voice) and dictate comments and answer questions (voice-to-text) in the same document. Having both in the same place will streamline learning and make interactions much simpler.

Teachers can use it for worksheets; learners can use it for dictating their notes into their course materials. Cognify can help learners with additional needs, such as dyslexia, to study and also helps teachers to assess learners’ work more quickly.

An early prototype has been tested and this project will respond to user feedback to build the final version.

Cognify is a partnership between Pembrokeshire College and WellSource software. WellSource have a portfolio of voice and text related apps with around 5 million downloads and monthly users worldwide. Pembrokeshire College has been a leader in the further education sector in learning technology for 15 years. The collaboration has the potential to take this technology to the next level.