Nano Simbox

Interactive Scientific

Interactive Scientific (iSci) is helping fix the broken UK STEM skills pipeline, which results in science employers lacking the skilled workers they need and uneven access to better paid science jobs for the workforce.

iSci developed Nano Simbox to transform the science ecosystem. The immersive digital platform combines science rigour and technology to make complex science visual and interactive; and uses cloud tech to make science simulation accessible to anyone from science learner to researcher. By making the invisible, nano-scale world of atoms and molecules visible, Nano Simbox is already showing how to increase understanding, enjoyment and confidence for science learners and enable collaboration, experimentation and understanding across the science ecosystem. Ufi’s Amplify funding has supported MVP products for education and research, programmes with 45+ research institutions and a beta programme with 32 schools. iSci has been able to validate their product, technology and business model and launch a funding round. Their next steps are corporate contracts and launching free online education experiences for easy access by learners everywhere.