NextGen Skills Exchange

NextGen Skills Academy

The games, animation and VFX (visual effects) sector is booming and working at its creative heart is potentially an attractive career. But there are some complex challenges for those learning the ropes that NextGen SkillsXchange will help them overcome.

This project will develop an online, work-based platform with educational components to help build the real-world skills needed in this fast-moving environment. Using a collaborative hub, learners will tackle real project briefs in settings that replicate real workplaces. The platform will mirror what it’s really like to be at work in this industry and provide feedback through bespoke video review tools. By working in groups on briefs, with each learner in a specific individual role, users will practice the relevant technical skills for each role, as well as the ‘softer’ skills such as communication, teamwork and organisation that are best learned in realistic contexts.

The NextGen SkillsXchange will address the increasing shortage of suitable applicants for creative roles, and, as an online learning hub, will ensure that training is available regardless of physical location. It will also help people applying for jobs to demonstrate the real-world skills needed to deliver in the creative workplace, complementing the technical skills gained through formal education.