Open Networking Lab (ONL)

The Open University

We are living in a digital, ever more connected world, but there is a real shortage of people with the necessary network engineering skills. This project will provide a platform for anyone to learn introductory, practical networking skills through a web-based network simulation package (PT Anywhere), developed in partnership with Cisco Systems.

This simple, scalable learning, available on any connected device, can be used at any time for learners to practise and develop skills through ‘hands-on’ activities to model real networks. Even those with no prior networking experience will gain confidence to progress towards industry-relevant qualifications, formal study or upskilling.

ONL will help learning providers increase networking teaching at no cost, through its digital network simulation package and will also be available for individual, informal learning. The platform will also provide integrated learning resources and activities through an experiential learning approach, using learning analytics to monitor student activity, give insights into student engagement with the resource and provide support to learners.